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Mobile Networked Creativity Repository

To explore the idea of creativity as a collective and networked process that involves people and technologies, we created an online resource to crowdsource examples of "Mobile Networked Creativity" from around the world. Our goal is to decolonize traditional ideas of creativity, by building a crowdsourced repository of creative practices ...
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The Retro Mobile Gaming Database

The Retro Mobile Gaming Database (RMGD) contains a collection of mobile games from 1975 to 2008. This database allows users to search games by multiple search criteria including title, year developed, type of game, and more. This robust search system will help researchers not only to find games but also ...
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OnSite (2009) explores the construction of Hybrid Reality Games (HRGs) for entertainment and educational purposes. HRGs are location-based games that take place simultaneously in two spaces: a digital online space and a physical environment. Equipped with GPS-enabled mobile phones, players in a pre-chosen physical location access location-based information about that ...
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database (2001) is an electronic reading device that deals with the inversed functionality of three technologies: a printer, a video camera, and a database. As such, it raises issues about the erasure of text, the act of reading in real time (i.e., listening to a printed text), and physical databases. We ...
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110110101 – Organic Intelligence

110110101 (2002) is a collaborative project formed by four cars equipped with infrared lights and walkie-talkies that run on Los Angeles’ freeways – the 101, the 10 and the 1. We compose a four-car group, which acts like a conscious OI (organic intelligence) intervening in the freeway space. Our goals are to address ...
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…and I visit you there…

…and I visit you there… (2002) is a story told by many cultures, in many languages. People from different places were asked to talk about a hypothetical travel in their home countries, in their native languages. Although there are several narrators, the journey is only one, and it is developed by connecting ...
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Spring 2001 CiberIDEA is a research group on cyber cultures at UFRJ School of Communication Concept, graphic design and HTML coding View Website
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2001 Semiosfera: Electronic journal of the UFRJ Graduate School of Communication Concept, graphic design and HTML coding View Website