OnSite (2009) explores the construction of Hybrid Reality Games (HRGs) for entertainment and educational purposes. HRGs are location-based games that take place simultaneously in two spaces: a digital online space and a physical environment. Equipped with GPS-enabled mobile phones, players in a pre-chosen physical location access location-based information about that space and interact with online players through text messages and voice communication. At the same time, online players track the real-time movement of physical players on an online map that represents the physical location while communicating with the players in the physical space. The collaborative and real-time coordination of HRGs make them especially suitable for educational contexts, as well as other situations that require remote and local networked interaction.

Concept and Coordination Adriana de Souza e Silva
Programming and Implementation Rick Skarbez
Research Assistant Jordan Frith
Support Joyce Rudinsky, domain scientist for the arts and humanities at the Renaissance Computing Institute.