Locative mobile social networks

de Souza e Silva, A., & Frith, J. (2010). Locative Mobile Social Networks: Mapping communication and location in urban spacesMobilities, 5 (4), 485-506. DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2010.510332.

Abstract: This study conceptualizes the new spatial logic created by the social use of location aware mobile technologies, analyzing how mobile communities are formed by the mapping of social networks in urban spaces. It explores two main areas with the goal of understanding how locative mobile social networks (LMSNs) challenge the traditional logic of networks. First, it conceptualizes LMSNs by comparing them to (1) traditional transportation and communication networks, and (2) mobile social networks (MSNs). Second, the paper discusses potential social implications of LMSNs, such as privacy, surveillance, and social exclusion.