DMKO: Mobile Communication: Technical Issues and Methods of Study

Department: MS in Digital Design and Communication
InstitutionIT University of Copenhagen
TermSpring 11

The course will give the student insight into the technical dimensions of mobile communication as well as the broader social consequences of mobile technologies. In addition, the student will be exposed to the methods used for mobile communication research. The course will explore:

  1. The social dimensions of mobile communication:
    • The history of wireless and mobile communication
    • Location-based services and social networks
    • Micro/macro-coordination
    • Identity and youth mobile culture
    • Mobile communication and the Global South
    • Gender and mobile communication;
  2. The basics of mobile data analysis:
    • Qualitative methods
    • Quantitative methods
    • Data collection
  3. Technical dimensions of mobile technology:
    • Handset level
    • Network level