COM477: Mobile Communication

Department: Department of Communication
Institution: NC State University
Terms: Fall 2017, Spring 2012, Fall 2009, Fall 2006

This course explores the emergence of mobile communication technologies and its influence on communication patterns and social behavior. It conceptualizes cell phones beyond mobile telephones (two-way voice communication devices). Rather, it defines the mobile interface as a micro-computer, a remote control, and a game device. The lecture class focuses on the history, current uses and future perspectives for the social use of mobile interfaces. How do mobile interfaces change our perception of both digital and physical spaces? Do they allow the creation of new types of communities? How do the uses of mobile images (still and video) influence the way we communicate and deal with information spaces? How does the use of mobile technology differ in distinct parts of the world, like Asia, Scandinavia, North and South America? The course engages students in discovering new sociability patterns created by mobile interfaces.