Virtual Forest

For my Mom, who likes plants so much!

To play with the "Virtual Forest" you must add plants to the applet. You can choose among 5 varieties of plants and add as many plants as you want. If you think you've added too many plants, you can also remove them by selecting the one you want to erase. To select and move and change the color of the plants you must click on the area close to the tree first branching (where it first draws a "V"). Then you are going to be able to change their places and their form. By clicking on angle, it is possible to increase or decrease the branching angle. The length button changes the branch size. The min button increases or decreases the minimum branch size, which determines when the tree stops growing. Finally, the ratio determines the ratio of length of branch to parent. Decreasing the ratio you can see the basic structure of the tree, of the first step from the L-System.